Have You Got Your .au Domain Name?

Earlier this year, .au domain names were released for Australian websites and email addresses. This gives you the option of using a shorter and simpler domain name.

For existing business domain name holders, you have until 20 September to get the .au version of your domain name. However, you still have to buy it from a domain name provider and prove that you are eligible to own the .au version of the domain name. If there are no conflicting applications for the name, you can register the direct match of your existing domain name.

After 20 September, .au versions of domain names become open to the public. Unlike .com.au and .org.au namespaces, the .au namespace does not have specific allocation criteria based on an Australian Business Number. This means anyone can buy the .au namespace.

Essential for Business Websites

If you have any online presence linked to a business, it’s essential that you apply for the matching .au domain name before 20 September. Especially if you conduct an online business, you’ll want to own the .au equivalent of your domain to avoid confusion and competition.

In some cases, multiple parties may be eligible to own the same .au domain name. In this case, the priority allocation of the domain name will be given to whichever party registered first.

Check the status of your domain with the .auda Priority Status Tool. And talk to your domain name provider now about registering your .au domain name.

Need Help?

Talk to us if you’re not sure where to start with getting your .au domain name or if you want to understand more about whether it will benefit you. We can also connect you with specialists who can link the new domain name with your existing business to make the most of your online presence.


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